Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Costa Rica!

I recently came back from a long trip (not long enough ;) down to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. We stayed on the Pacific side in a small town called Flamingo, in Guanacaste. It was actually my 3rd time down because I just love it there so much. I have slowly made some friends and acquaintances that have proven to last over the past couple of years as I return every 8-12 months. Everyone down there is so laid-back  Pretty cool! It’s super duper inexpensive too. It was like 300 bucks for a round trip ticket! Plus everything down there is relatively inexpensive as well.
The first couple of times I went, I pretty much stayed at the beach and enjoyed the sparse and low-laying night-life. It’s so chill! This time was a bit different though. I ended up doing some pretty adrenaline filled activities. Rock climbing, white-water kayaking, surfing and the canopy tours to name a few… Truly an amazing time. I really pushed myself to some limits on some things and over-came my fear of heights that I have had ever since I stood up. I also played a couple gigs in the small town surrounding where we were staying, and ended up with some videos that have way too much background noise to post, unfortunately. I did make a short little video that should be up on the sites soon though! Also, I’m gonna add some photos to the facebook and myspace pages so you guys can see how beautiful it was down there.
Can’t wait for next time!