Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facing It

Facing it.
I want to get rid of my Facebook page. Is that wrong? Would people really notice? Do we not live in such a world where we feel like saying something like “I’m not on Facebook,” somehow implies that you choose not to be connected to the world; that you are some kind of anti-social. Or it implies that you just simply aren’t “in the loop”… so sorry. Can we not find any other way to keep in touch or communicate? The phone is not enough. We need more. More access, faster access, easy buttons. I wonder if I would really miss facebook if I wasn’t on it. Poof.
My brother did it. Yeah he sure did… took the plunge. Went OFF Facebook. I remember it like yesterday. It was a hot day in July. I was bored, and apparently hot. I went to give my brother a wall shout-out. (For those of you who do not have the slightest idea what a “wall post” is, good for you. I’m not going to explain it because then you won’t be as cool as you are. ANYWAY, I went to click his name and it wasn’t there. I felt as though a weight had been lifted. I didn’t even ask him about it. The act spoke mountains.
Maybe one day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coolest Places

Coolest Places
I was very fortunate to be able to go on a vacation recently. Although I love traveling to new places, I decided to go somewhere I had been before, Costa Rica. A good friend of mine’s father has retired down there and last year they invited me down for a visit. Of course I didn’t hesitate! Her step mom booked me some gigs while I was there and I made some connections and friends that proved to be very genuine.
So this year I decided to go back. I did some asking around and got in touch with some of the same people I had played with the year prior. One of the places “El Castillo,” (this adorable bar/restaurant) was really interested in booking a few shows. I knew from last year that they also had two rooms upstairs that they would rent out to vacationers. A few emails later, I had arranged a “stay for play” (yes I invented that phrase and I will claim it!). So for playing two Friday nights, I was able to get a two week stay for free. How frickin’ lucky is that?
Not only did I get to stay there, I got to bring a friend along too! One of my closest friends, Mandy, had never been out of the country. I knew we would be compatible traveling buddies so I kidnapped her and stuffed her in my suitcase ;)
The trip, in its entirety, was perhaps one of the most unexplainable experiences I have yet to have. We did so much and saw so many people I would literally need a power point presentation to accurately create any kind of a story. Sailing, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, shopping, yoga, pilates, we saw bull riding, did bumper cars, played music, got pretty loaded a couple nights, got to know amazing people, got to know myself a bit better too.