Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facing It

Facing it.
I want to get rid of my Facebook page. Is that wrong? Would people really notice? Do we not live in such a world where we feel like saying something like “I’m not on Facebook,” somehow implies that you choose not to be connected to the world; that you are some kind of anti-social. Or it implies that you just simply aren’t “in the loop”… so sorry. Can we not find any other way to keep in touch or communicate? The phone is not enough. We need more. More access, faster access, easy buttons. I wonder if I would really miss facebook if I wasn’t on it. Poof.
My brother did it. Yeah he sure did… took the plunge. Went OFF Facebook. I remember it like yesterday. It was a hot day in July. I was bored, and apparently hot. I went to give my brother a wall shout-out. (For those of you who do not have the slightest idea what a “wall post” is, good for you. I’m not going to explain it because then you won’t be as cool as you are. ANYWAY, I went to click his name and it wasn’t there. I felt as though a weight had been lifted. I didn’t even ask him about it. The act spoke mountains.
Maybe one day.


  1. Unfortunately, what a person wants and what is reality doesn't always co-exist. It's sort of like saying, I want to be a successful musician, but don't want people to know who I am... can't have one without the other dear. Sites like Facebook are a connection point, and in a business where money is tough to be had, you need as many connection points as possible. Also, generally people who would read a blog, such as this one, would probably know what a Facebook post is.

  2. I believe the music scene has been monopolized by MySpace. I agree, as many connections as possible are important, but I don't know that facebook would deteriorate your availability too much because people who have facebook, more often then not, also have MySpace. Facebook may also start charging for its services, and I imagine their client base will shrink as a result.

    I hear your feelings of wanting to delete your profile though. I think that we've become such a fast-paced society that we're losing the relationships that help support us. Why have a conversation with someone to learn about who they are and what they like when you can just click on their facebook page? It's like we're getting so much more information and knowledge so quickly, but being able to apply that in effective and useful, and more importantly, meaningful ways is becoming difficult. I believe that people need to slow down and get personally connected to their communities, whatever that looks like, to find their happiness.

    Thanks for hitting up Marquette, I really enjoyed your music. You're thoughtful and passionate and anything created with those two things is bound to be exceptional.