Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I started off taking this blog at a half empty angle. I was interested in the concept and usually learn much better by doing. So here we are. I think I’m still confused as to how I feel about it. Writing to anyone. Writing whatever I want? Anything. Really? Even if it’s as long winded or as cyclical in reasoning as your crazy relative? I wanted to start this blog for a couple different reasons. Then I think I got a bit intimidated when I looked more into it. Not intimidated that I give a crap what someone thinks about my opinion. That’s what those are for, to be called your own. No, I was intimidated because I really am limited with time and didn’t want to half-ass it, or come off as though I was. Which apparently I was. There aren’t a lot of things in my life that are half-assed and this certainly will not be one of them either. I love people, and I love writing. To me, this would be yet another way to combine the two, yes? Yessss J
I guess I felt as though there were so many blogs out there that no one was really going to be interested in reading this little random ramble here. And look! You seem to be interested enough… you’re already 1/4 done! Haaa…
It’s also largely possible that my mixed feelings about blogging correlate directly with my mixed feelings about technology in general. The digitalization-web-electronic-interconnectedness thing is still strange to me, even though I am young and consider myself very much a part of my generation. I don’t watch TV, I don’t like clubbing, or shopping, or anything “reality” except the real thing. I don’t understand why people would be so obsessed with drama that they would actually sit and watch it on TV. (On a side note, I do believe this cycle may explain why people tend to surround themselves with it in their “real” lives. You reap what you sow).
Trying to define or explain my views on this can get sticky, but I’d love to see what you guys think, or if I am just completely crazy. I find it tremendously interesting how culturally attached we are to things and things on screens. I don’t call it materialistic or non-materialistic, because almost everyone is materialistic to an extent. I’d rather describe it as tangible and non-tangible. This may seem confusing so let me explain, because my definition is probably back-assward from what you’re thinking .
The things in your life with buttons, cords, screens, zippers, flaps, probable lack of progression, and one dimension are NON-tangible things. The things with thoughts, emotions and/or emotional outlets, direction, passion, aspirations, or the ability to be utilized are tangible things. The differences lie in what the purpose and ability of whichever thing you are trying to categorize. Oh and let me clarify, neither tangible nor non-tangible things discriminate against whether or not the thing being described is alive or otherwise. Any human being can be just as non-tangible as an earring, or a channel on, oh what’s that stupid channel… oh yeah… MTV. And any canvas or quiet morning can be as tangible as the person that has changed your life the most.
I think I say tangible and non-tangible not to discern between the physical and non-physical aspects of these things. But to discern between how they affect us and what they’re potential is to touch us. And it’s what you choose to do with the tangible and non-tangible things in your life that dictate whether or not you are really touching yourself, when you do. Or whether or not you care to try and be tangible to someone else.


  1. If I understand you correctly, this blog would, for you at the very least, be a tangible thing.

    This idea of perception, or understanding of things, is really interesting. It's difficult for me to understand how someone is capable of not caring about connecting with others and being molded by these experiences, of being tangible. I don't own a TV either, however I am working on a minor in computer science. I genuinely enjoy new gadgets and programs, new buttons to play with, but only if they're useful and have a purpose in my life. (I also refuse to pay for anything I can legally find free, and thanks to unix and the open source movement I can find most electronic things, legally, for free, but that's an entirely different conversation)

    I believe that this screen in front of me with these input methods of mouse and keyboard, is neither a positive or negative thing at all, but a vehicle for things.

    It can carry anything from hateful, hurtful messages to brainless television episodes, to inspiring music, to positive and negative life changing thoughts and encounters.

    I do not hesitate with the internet or electronics themselves, I'm hesitant with the uses people find for them, the non-tangible uses, or the tangible uses that are damaging. There is an unprecedented amount of power in the form of electronic currents running through wires all over the world, and with anything that powerful, its use must be thoughtful, tangible, intentional.

    I try to do what I can to use this power to connect with people, to find meaning, to create positive change, and to help make sure my life goal of never being useless is achieved.

    That's why I am encouraging this particular blog. Your thoughts are honest and real, they aren't sugar coated, they aren't filled with a hidden agenda, they just are. You open up your mind to share with others, to encourage critical thinking and dialogue. Your entries are tangible, and that's the kind of thing I want from the web - access to tangible experiences that I can't find in my social circle, the long-distance sharing of ideas, goals, achievements, and experiences.

    Now I return the question, Thoughts?

  2. Imagine if all cars and vehicles stopped working one day all at once. People would be lost overseas and it would take a day's journey to visit my parents in the suburbs.

    Of course, this would never happen. But I must admit that blogging has given me the opportunity to touch family members who live across the globe as well as my mother in the suburbs who lost her hearing and can't use a phone. I also get to contact people I've never met, who have ended up reading my words for some reason or another.

    You can read it here, or you can read it in a letter. You can read it here, or you can read it in a magazine. You can read it here, or you can hear it over the phone. A hug doesn't need words. A touch doesn't need jpegs and pdfs.

  3. So, an interesting thing happened to me this morning. For the second time in my life this idea of tangibility was brought up again today. It was a new concept for me when I read your blog, and then today in my Social Work Practice Methods course our professor was reading a letter to us from a graduating senior. In the letter she spoke of being able to feel a tangible change from working with at-risk youth, that she had tangibly changed, and not in any physical ways.

    I don't know if it was 100% on point with exactly what you're getting at here, but it was eerily similar.

    I think it's amazing and interesting how we can all find our own ways to be tangible to the world not only in our personal lives but also in our professional lives, by utilizing our passions and skills. You with your music, and me with social work, the politician with the power of representation they have, the day care worker, the waitress, the economist, the biologist...

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm surrounding myself with like-minded people, and the world isn't changing, or if there's a real paradigm shift happening in the world. I can hope, at least.

    I just wanted to share that.