Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, my bags are packed!... (it’s actually just one back-pack… it’s red) Sunday I’ll be going down to Nashville for the week to do some writing sessions with some other artists. I’ll be going down by my-self but I’m staying with a friend and working with various artists that Tim Lauer (a producer/friend of mine) has set me up with. Tim is pretty much the man..I have met a couple of the artists I’ll be working with before, but for the most part, I’ll be writing with new acquaintances...Yay for road trips!! Exciting stuff!
I’m stoked because it’s somewhat of a new concept for me. Co-writes are a huge thing in Nashville. Artists will get together in a quiet environment, bounce ideas off of one another, and just see what happens. Simple as that. I mean, you go in with some sort of an idea or direction/mood you want to go, but the way the chemistry will pan out is totally up in the air! Crazy! I’m excited to try something new and break out of my Chicago circle/bubble of musicians a little bit. I love meeting new people, and the idea of writing with people I have never met before is inspiring to me. F-U-N… that can stand for whatever you think fits there ;) Just go with it!
Usually when I write I’m alone. I find somewhere I know no one can hear me and I’ll just kind of speak/sing lyrics and thoughts out loud. Once I get an idea or a concept rolling, it’s pretty quick from there, but sometimes that can take a while. I’m wondering how other people really go about flushing out there ideas when it comes to song writing. There are so many techniques and methods when doing really anything in life, writing is no different. Song writing is art, and therefore, completely open. It’s great. I’m really looking forward to getting some thoughts out!
Style is the other thing. I will be working with people that have similar styles, as well as people that are more focused in different genres. I’m thrilled to see what kind of sound is created when we do the sessions. I usually have my own style, lyrically anyway, so my goal is to try and expand that into something else… try something different. I love a challenge!! YEAH!!
Hope everyone is doin’ well! Spring is indeed upon us!

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  1. I've started writing [sketch comedy] with others and it's the closest thing to drinking I've experienced since I quit boozing 5 years ago. I start out with the intention for oblivion...and it's the journey that makes the story.