Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Last of the Ice Cream...

The last of the ice cream…
Do any of you have a significant other that finishes things off for ya? It’s not a big deal really. Really. This is probably the more trivial of issues that couples can have, but let’s linger here for a moment and vent together shall we? It’s important to do that from time to time right? Ok.
I really wanted the ice cream. I really did. Not that I really needed it or anything. It’s the principal.
I refuse to be those people (we all secretly make fun of) that label things in their refrigerators. No. Tape wouldn’t stick to an ice cream pint anyways. Believe me. And I couldn’t justify it either. It’s just ice cream.
I mean… you didn’t really want that soymilk in your coffee right? Nor did you need that last piece of bread for your sandwich. Who really uses two pieces of bread anyways right? Juuuust crazy. And I thought you were totally done with those almonds. You just left them there on the counter! It’s ok, I needed to get tomatoes tomorrow anyways, I’ll just grab some more.
I think the people in the grocery store start placing bets when they see me walking in. By now they know me pretty well and I’m pretty sure they have wagers going. I’m also pretty sure that if I worked at Whole Foods I would have some wagers going with my friends too. I’m pretty sure I would win most of them too. Plus, if I worked at Whole Foods, I wouldn’t have to worry about stupid things like the bottom of the ice cream container.
Does anybody know if they’re hiring in Chicago?
I feel better now ;)

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  1. lol. Sorry to hear about the Ice Cream.

    I hope you rock out in Marquette tomorrow. I'm still whining about how I'm in Milwaukee now and am going to miss you. I'm looking into getting some of my friends down here to hit up a show in Chicago area with me, but that's a matter of sorting schedules and finding transportation. Are all of your gigs up on MySpace?

    I'm also going to be talking you up to my UW-Milwaukee connections, I'm interning at the LGBT resource center, so we'll see how that goes. I'm going to start getting a feel for the music scene here too. And I'll be dropping your name whenever I think it's beneficial.

    Give Marquette some love for me, I miss that crew and they'll be there, do what you and your crew always does and they'll be happy.