Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do It Up

Do it up…
More often than not, I have found, opportunities arise amidst change. When things remain patterned or do not move, they do just that. Stay still. Not only can this lead to a lack of progression, it could also lead to various other symptoms including boredom, frustration, stress, doubt, fear, and/or bloating ;) But seriously, sometimes you’ve gotta switch things up and put yourself out there a little bit to make things happen!
As comforting as routine can be, it will make you stuck. Habits can be like little nails that can pin you down. You get too set with something, and BAM!! You may think you’re in the grandest room you’ve ever seen. But you don’t even know there is something decades better just on the other side of the wall. It’s making the conscious effort to realize that where you are, may not be where you want to end up. So don’t stop, do it up! Walking through a doorway. Simple. The part that sucks is when the doors only open one way. Choices and decisions. Ooooooh.
Though, there is another side to this too. When you have exactly what you want out of life; when you feel as though you have conquered all you had desired this time around, you DO want to be stuck. You want that same perfection every day. That amazing thing that you feel like you spent all you or time up until NOW to get to. You’re there, and you don’t want to change it for the world. THAT is the best. THAT is finding your life and having it too J
It really all depends on what phase of your life you’re in and what kind of human you are. Everyone is different and wants different things… duh! Have you done everything you wanted? Seen enough? Gotten something out of it? Could you lay down right now, perfectly content, or do you have an urge for a good run? What drives you? What makes you stop dead in your tracks? What truly makes you tick? Do you already know? Do you have no idea? Hmmmmmmm…..

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  1. How does the venn diagram relate?