Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Due to recent inquiries, I wanted to share a bit of information. This is not an attempt to explain myself, as that would imply that I think myself sane. On the contrary, this is simply an attempt to eliminate one more question from the world; though, it may just end up sparking more. Oh the vicious cycle of words.
Positive assertions have always been my favorite. Growing up, my parents always said that I didn’t know the meaning of the word “no.” To clarify, it wasn’t that I didn’t know what the word “no” meant; it was simply that I preferred the word “yes.” I’m sure a lot of people can relate ;) So this is where the word “fowsh” comes in.
I think a lot of you know the two-word phrase “for sure.” It is often used as an expression of confirmation. An extension of the word yes, this word allows you to state the certainty of any situation without any hint of pretention or arrogance. This is due mostly to generational differences (and a different subject altogether), but there seems to be a certain properness attributed to the exactness of pronouncing the word yes. No? For sure.
After a while, “for sure” developed into a shortened version, “fo sho.” This version was even better because of the playful phonetic nature. Without pronouncing the “r’s,” it allows the mouth to just have a little but more fun with the expression. What’s more, the expression is a highly positive one. So not only are you having fun speaking, you are also using a word with a positive connotation. If you take that idea one step further, you get “Fowsh”: The funnest way to say “yes.”
I have so much fun with words. I really don’t even know how one would even begin to categorize words in this world. Language has always been one of my favorite subjects because of its depth and how closely it relates to personal philosophy and personal taste. The variation is infinite, not only from country to country, or from one group of friends to another, but from one person to the next. Fowsh ;)

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  1. I love it! You must have read my mind. I was sure that is what you meant, but second guessed myself when I was asked why you wrote it on my card. It was suggested that I google Fowsh, and low and behold you had just posted this blog. Crazy. Leave it to an English Major to come up with a new interesting word such as Fowsh and give such an amazing explanation and back story. Now watch, it will catch on just like EVOO did and end up in Webster's. Fowsh!!!